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Debate solidifies voters' candidate choice

July 12, 2006

Albany -- Many of you may have watched the debate on television tonight, but hundreds of people saw it in person.

Mark Taylor supporters held a rally next door to the Municipal Auditorium this afternoon. Cathy Cox supporters drove in a motorcade from Bainbridge to Albany this afternoon.

Many in the crowd welcomed the chance to hear from all four candidates on the democratic ballot. While some came with a favorite candidate in mind, others left still undecided.

"I really think that this gives me a chance to say I'd vote not for the party, but for the person. And coming to a debate like this really gives me a chance to see them as a person and not neccesarily political figure," said Peyton Wingate.

"I think Mark's understands that, he comes from a rural background, he understands the importance of education. He has a strong educational background, his family does, and I think he will make some changes," said Ripley Bell.

"Cathy from my hometown, she really brought the message that she will bring Georgia together, both parties to get things done and as a father of a child in school I believe education is number one," said Paul Midler.

If your mind isn't made up, you still have five more days to decide. Election day is Tuesday.



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