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Bolton and McCarley both want change

July 12, 2006

Albany-- Two other Democratic gubernatorial candidates with much less money and recognition were on stage with Cox and Taylor. Each says he has what it takes to be Georgia's next governor.

Bill Bolton and Mac McCarley actually rode to the debate together Wednesday night. Bolton has an engineering background and is from Marietta. Stockbridge resident Mac McCarley served a term in Alabama state Senate and 20 years in the military.

Both say they're ready for a change in Georgia. For Bolton, that includes making changes for high school juniors and seniors.  

"I don't want them to be riding the bus. I want them to have cars of their own because that's the first thing you're going to do in the twelth grade is you're going to have to get a car," says Bolton.

"Nobody speaks of the veterans and I am a World War II veteran but nobody seems to care about them," says McCarley.  

McCarley wants to place a 1-percent sales tax on everything except prescriptions to help people coming home from war and to help improve schools.  



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