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Road safety audits to improve Southwest Georgia traffic

July 12, 2006

Albany -- Southwest Georgia engineers and law enforcement are studying how to reduce traffic crashes and deaths. Albany and Southwest Georgia planning and development engineers learned how to conduct road safety audits.

Transportation Safety Specialists from the Federal Highway Administration are teaching local experts how to identify and solve traffic and road hazards. They say Police, State Patrol, Traffic and Sign Engineers, and Planning authorities all need to work together to design safer roads. Safe Communities Coordinator Michele DeMott said "We each see things from a different prespective. When you look with that new eye, it's those things that you see that can really make the very best traffic safety improvements. "

 The Federal Highway Administration wants communities to use road safety audits to cut roadside hazards and traffic congestion, and save lives.

South Korea has one of the highest rates of traffic deaths in the industrialized world, and  that's why it sent researchers to the road safety seminar in Albany. Three members of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority are attending the Road Safety Audits seminar.

Travel services warn visitors to South Korea about their dangerous roads. Korea Transportation Safety Director Shin Bu-Yong said "We are here to learn what you are doing, then we will bring it to our country and introduce what you are doing to our people. "

The number of cars on South Korean roads has increased 94 percent in the last three decades. These men are working on ways to design safer roads to handle their skyrocketing transportation needs.

The traffic safety seminar will continue Thursday in Albany.


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