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Know thy serpents

July 12, 2006

Lee County -- Okeefenokee Joe is teaching southwest Georgia field workers about snake safety. Monsanto Seed and Technology Company in Lee County brought in the snake expert to help its workers get hands-on experience with snakes in the fields. 

Some folks in the crowd were less than relaxed, but Joe stressed that snakes are more afraid of humans than we are of them.

He also said the more you know about snakes the safer you become. "All of the employees work here in the field and we have snakes around, so the best way to let them know about the dangers or non dangers is to get someone here to tell them all about them," said Robert Clements of the Monsanto Company. "The way they can identify poisonous or non poisonous."

Georgia has four types of venomous snakes. Okefenokee Joe said to never grab a snake by the tail, and the best thing to do if you ever encounter one is to slowly back away and stay as far away as possible.