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High School football teams passing the summer away

July 11, 2006

Albany - The summer heat has many in south Georgia thinking of one thing, high school football.

 The season in Georgia will thankfully not start until September 1st this year but that doesn't mean teams aren't already getting ready for the upcoming season.  

While schools cannot hold any official practices for another three weeks, they can participate in passing leagues.

On Tuesday, Westover hostirf Dougherty and Monroe in a seven-on-seven passing league match-up.

A seven-on-seven passing game is like flag football with no tackling and no linemen.

Westover High head coach Jeff Caldwell says summer passing camps have become the summer thing to do to get ready for the fall which means this is no passing fancy.

Jeff Caldwell said "The kids look forward to it. They get tired of basically just lifting weights and working on our movements. So they enjoy it. It's a chance where you can get to see kids that are a little bit in question whether they can help you or whether they can't."

Westover will head to a passing camp at West Georgia next week.

The Patriots open up their season September first at home against Lee County.

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