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Stephen Drew a two-time all-star in one year

July 11, 2006

Tucson, Az. - Every player is proud when they are selected to an all-star team.

But how about playing in two all-star games in one week.  

That is just what has happened to Hahira's Stephen Drew.

The 2004 number one draft pick of the Arizona Diamondbacks had a single in Major League Baseball's Future All-Star game Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Right after that game the former Lowndes High Viking left for Toledo, Ohio where he will play in the AAA Minor League All-Star game Wednesday night.

Like the big leagues, fan voting is used to select the AAA all-star team and Stephen Drew was the top vote getter of any player in the Pacific Coast League.

Fan voting is just a third of the selection process however and Stephen Drew made the AAA all-star game due to his play on the field with 13 home runs and 41 runs batted in this season for Arizona's AAA farm team in Tucson.

Stephen Drew said "To do that it is just alot of fun with the hard work you put in and stuff and you know can come out and people see you play."

The AAA Minor League All-Star game starts at 7pm Wednesday night.





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