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Rabid raccoon leads to health warnings

July 11, 2006

Albany - Health officials are warning you to be careful around wild or stray animals after a rabid raccoon was found in Dougherty County. A dog killed the raccoon in the Westview area in Putney. The dog, who was vaccinated for rabies prior to the incident, remains in quarantine and was revaccinated. He should be okay.

Environmental Health Director Susan Reyes says rabid animals don't necessarily foam at the mouth so people should watch out for these warning signs.

"If you notice a wild animal moving about in the daytime and the animal appears to show no fear of people or the animal seems to behave in a sick or abnormal way, the animal may be infected with rabies." said Susan Reyher, Director, Dougherty County Environmental Health.  "Therefore, you should avoid the animal and report it to the local health department," she continued.

Vaccinate your pets to stop the disease from spreading. Treatment for rabies is almost 100-percent effective if initiated promptly. Seek immediately medical help for yourself or a pet if bitten or scratched by a potentially rabid animal.

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