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South Georgians lose thousands in scams

July 11, 2006

Albany -- Four Dougherty County people have been ripped off this week in a foreign lottery scheme. They have lost thousands of dollars.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators say the victim's received letters and checks saying they had won hundreds of thousands of dollars in a foreign lottery. All they had to do was wire to Canada four or five thousand dollars to pay a tax, and then they would get the rest of their money.

The checks they received were phony, but by the time they found out, their money was gone.

Sheriff's Investigators say these scam artists are getting names of elderly from computer databases. Lt. Craig Dodd said " The reason they pick on elderly people is because they tend to be more trusting, and if they persue it in a phone conversation, they tend to intimidate them. "

Dodd said all the victims were retired, on fixed incomes, and could not afford the thousands of dollars they have lost.

 Sheriff's Investigators say if you receive mail or calls from a foreign lottery, especially one you have never heard of or entered, shread the paper and checks.

They are thieves, and Southwest Georgians have lost thousands of dollars to them.