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Butterfly count taken on river bank

July 11, 2006
by Allison Phillips

Albany  -- A six legged creature is probably the last thing you want to look for in the hot sun-- unless its a butterfly.

The third annual North American Butterfly count was held today at The Flint River Walk. 

 There are 172 species of butterflies in Georgia.  Specialists and local volunteers counted over a dozen today.  The count is taken to monitor the effects of weather and habitat change of the butterflies.  

"Its consistent with what we've found with butterfly counts around the state this year.  Its appears the drought has really taken a severe toll on butterfly tolls this year," said Terry Johnson, Program Manager of Georgia Non Game and Wildlife.

The Hack Berry Emperor Butterflies were happy to let us take their picture.  They were most likely drunk on the fermented sap from the trees.

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