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Factoid flap just won't die

July 10, 2006

Albany -- Two Phoebe Putney board members will have to turn over their financial records in the battle between Phoebe and the authors of the Phoebe Factoids.

Willie Hampton and Wilhelmina Hall were subpoenaed Friday to turn over any type of financial records, including stock certificates, checking, and even money market accounts to Charles Rehberg's attorney, Ralph Scoccimaro. Scoccimaro says trial court Judge Harvey made an order that requires the board members financial statements to be turned over, but he admits the subpoenas were sent out inadvertently, and with some inaccurate information.

The dates for the requested documents are from 2003 through the first quarter of this year. They should reflect the years 2000 to 2004. Scoccimaro says the documents fall under the judge's ruling and should be turned over.

Phoebe's attorney, Wayne Hillis, says Scoccimaro is applying the ruling too broadly, and that he is simply trying to get as much personal information as he can. "I feel that this is intimidation, it is harassment of a private citizen.  All of us who are volunteers in this community who wish to serve the best we can."

Hampton said, "I certainly feel that this is an invasion of privacy and I do not understand what it is intended to reveal."

"It may not show us anything," said Scoccimaro. "They may be perfectly innocent.  If they're innocent, we will maintain the confidence of these individuals."

Attorney James Thagard of Valdosta is representing Hampton and Hall.  Today, he filed a motion to quash the subpoenas and advised his clients not to turn over the documents.

Scoccimaro says he plans to correct the subpoenas and may serve all board members.  

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