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Rash of robberies concerns Grady County Convenience Stores

July 10, 2006

Grady County-  The Grady County Sheriff's office is asking for your help to catch the mastermind behind a rash of convenience store robberies. At least three robberies have occurred in the last several weeks. After the most recent robbery Sunday, deputies issued a warrant for the mastermind's arrest.

Three robberies, three different Grady County convenience stores but similar circumstances.

"Our office is very concerned about the recent robberies," said Grady County Sheriff Harry Young.

The most recent happened Sunday at the Citgo on Highway 84 and Bold Springs Road. The suspects fled along Bold Springs Road and one of those suspects is believed to be the mastermind in several of the robberies.

"We were told that they were riding going down Bold Springs Road, headed north this way and got about a mile and a half down the road and evidentially ran out of gas," said Young.

Sheriff Harry Young and a deputy found 35 year old Claude Broomfield walking along Bold Springs Road. Broomfield is charged with robbery. Deputies chased 25 year old Lamar Edwards the believed mastermind behind all three robberies. He eluded police for 11 hours, until they called off the hunt. In each robbery, Edwards has escaped with a similar prize.

"Usually the deposit bag, that's what they grab, this one was hid a little bit," said Young.

There's concern over Edwards actions, the first two robberies at HUDS on Highway 319 and at a convenience store in Bradfordville were at night. Sunday's robbery was midday, but authorities are confident Edwards will be arrested.

"We won't give up. I feel I will have him pretty soon. He's going to come back sooner or later, he's not going to stay gone," said Young.

A warrant has been issued for Edwards arrest. He's facing charges of armed robbery and trespassing, and the Sheriff's office says charges could also be filed against Edwards in Leon County, Florida.

Sheriff Harry Young believes crimes like this could be prevented if there were more deputies to patrol the county. Right now, there are only two deputies on the day shift.

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