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Water woes in Ellaville

July 9, 2006

Ellaville-- A South Georgia community is fed up with its water supply. Several families can't flush their toilets or even take care of daily hygiene because the water supply is so low. On top of that, a funny color often comes out when they turn on the water.

In Georgia, you're used to seeing red clay colored dirt, but you're not used to seeing that in your water. It's become a living nightmare for Christy Gregory who just moved into her Ellaville home last week.

"I have 2 kids and I even have a 6 month old baby I have to fix bottles of milk for. You can't fix bottles of milk with that kind of water."

And as if that isn't enough. Imagine not being able to flush your toilet - - the water pressure is too low. Even the water from her tub comes out sparingly when she turns it on at full capacity. There's rust colored dirt that pours out with it and it leaves a permanent stain in the tub.

We walked next door to her neighbor's home, Lucky Shewmake. His water woes are just the same. He's collected water samples over the past few weeks that prove his living conditions.

"I've called the city. I've called 911 many times the last 3 nights in a row....They say that 'we're working on it.'"

He's hoping the work is done soon. He's getting tired of using bottled water just to brush his teeth.

"Im beat up. I'm real beat up about it and I need some help."

Several families affected by the dirty water plan to attend a city hall meeting in Ellaville tomorrow at 7pm to voice their concerns and demand solutions.

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