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Boating accidents can be prevented

July 9, 2006

A Milledgville couple is charged with failing to help a 48 year old man when a boat they were operating hit the man and his family during the fourth of July weekend. Mark Baxter died when that boat hit him. 

Too often, boating accidents go un-reported. Federal laws require the operator of any boat to file a boating accident report whenever they are involved in a situation like this.

Waterways are getting more crowded nationwide and with more boaters, safety experts predict the waterways will get more dangerous. 

2004 was the last year the U.S. Department of Homeland Security compiled detailed boating accident statistics.

14 children aged 12 and under died while boating in 2004, compared to 27 children in 2003. About 70 % of all reported deaths occurred on boats where the operator had not gone through boating safety instruction.

Alcohol was also involved in about one-third of all boating deaths.


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