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Business is slow say Albany retailers

July 9, 2006

Albany -- Albany retailers say this summer's sales are slow this year so far. Monthly reports nationwide from retailers show that June sales were stalled.

It left some wondering if high gas prices are curbing customer's spending.

The price at the pump is pinching drivers in their pockets.

"It's just ridulous how this gas is going up, now it's about four dollars a gallon, and it's just awful," said Betty Moses.

It's preventing some from taking frequent trips to places like the mall.

"When I shop I have to shop I have to shop for bargains, it's gotta be a bargain," said Audrey Deshazer.

High-priced gas has more people budgeting and saving and because of that local businesses are hurting. Some businesses had to change how they get people into their stores. To get more customers inside and shopping, some locals stores had to start advertising sales earlier this year.

The Shoe Box on Dawson Road is advertising a lot for more business. Michael Mulford says at his family's business foot traffic inside has dwindled, making sales this year much lower than last.

"A lot of your traffic in a store will come in from just people passing by and people realizing they need that thing as they're going down Dawson road," said Michael Mulford.

For shoppers like Bobby Kendrick, who pays for a family of four, gas prices have forced a change in spending habits.

"Within the last two years we were a little bit more name brand, but now we're bargain shoppers," said Bobby Kendrick.

As we watch the price of gas soars up, sales for many retailers go down.

Wal-Mart and Pier One imports and some teen retail stores reported low sales for the month of June. Analysts say June is the second most important month for sales, following December.



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