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Fewer people drinking and driving

July 8, 2006

Albany - - The Governor's Office of Highway Safety wraps up its Operation Zero Tolerance Campaign tomorrow. That's the effort to get drunk drivers off of Georgia's roads.

In Dougherty County, it seems to be working. The Campaign started June 23, in preparation for the fourth of July holiday. Dougherty County Police stopped over 100 people violating the law and made 7 arrests. But fewer arrests these days are for DUI's.  

"The HEAT Program has been focused on drinking and driving and we've noticed a reduction in it. We've been out here agressively looking for DUI's and the good news is were not finding a lot of them and even on the roadchecks, people were using designated drivers," says Lt. Tom Jackson.

Officers say greater enforcement has resulted in less crashes. The Dougherty County HEAT Patrol started monitoring the area in December.

Since then, only 47 DUI prosecutions are on record, compared to 98 two years ago. In March, there were 90 accidents in Dougherty County. In April, there were 46. And in May, just 32.

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