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Experts remove old dynamite

July 7, 2006

Chula -- A potentially deadly situation in Chula brings out the bomb squad. 30-year-old dynamite was found in a family's barn.  

The Law family in Chula used to own a pecan grove, and the dynamite was used many years ago to blow up old tree stumps.

Fire officials say the young man who found it made the right choice in not touching it and most likely saved lives by reporting it.    

The dynamite sat in a barn at the former Law family pecan farm for so long, it had become crystallized. That's something 17-year-old John Brady didn't know when he first found the box of explosives.

"Couple months go by I said 'I need to do something about this, somebody could get killed,' so I contacted my stepmother and let her know that she needs to get ahold one of her friends that work for the state and sure enough they come out today," said John Brady.

Fire officials and explosive experts say he did the right thing not touching it and getting away.

When explosives are crystallized, even the slightest nudge may cause them to blow up. "It's very very fragile at this point until somebody who knows what they're doing can come in and do whatever process it is to move it," said Captain Earnest Dove.

Tift County Fire Department, the sheriff's office, and the Crisp County bomb squad worked together to properly dispose of the dynamite and kept everyone else a safe distance away.

A relief for John Brady, who is glad no accident happened on his family's farm. "It's extremely hazardous I mean the slightest touch could set it off and there's no point in taking the risk," said Brady.

Tift County fire officials say finding old explosives is not a common occurrence, but when they are found, it's not something to be taken lightly and disposal should be left to the experts.

If you do find old explosives on your property, the right thing to do is call law enforcement and have them properly disposed of. Even little things like using your cell phone or smoking nearby can set off an explosion. 

The dynamite found in Chula was soaked in a special solution by the bomb squad and removed it from the Law family barn.



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