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CCC hopes to build compressors

July 7, 2006

Cairo-  Tired of high gas prices?  Who isn't?  A young south Georgian is on the cutting edge of the alternative fuel industry.  He and his father recently patented a compressor that one day could change the way you fuel your lawnmower, ATV, and eventually your car.  Now, the Governor's office is considering giving him a grant to help.

It looks a little different, but this ATV, Lawnmower combo is the wave of the future, designed and built in Cairo by 18 year old Michael Califano and his father Paul.

"My dad's been doing this for about 30 years, in the hydrogen business, and developing the compressors, doing breathing air compressors," said Michael Califano, Califano Custom Creations.

The Califano's patented the five stage compressor that extracts hydrogen from the water at 10,000 psi. It can then be used as an environmental friendly fuel.

"Zero emissions, there's distilled water that comes out the pipe, there is absolutely no hydrocarbons, the engine runs cleaner," said Califano. 

With this technology, engines last four times longer and with help from a Daytona company, you may never need an oil change.

"They're developing a special oil for the engine that you will literally put the oil in one time and never change the oil, said Califano.

Support from the governor could help. Representatives from his office visited their new shop last week. Paul has plans to build a 40,000 square foot building in Cairo's industrial park to build the compressors that could create 80 new jobs.

"They will be doing the c and c machining on the cylinders, they'll build the complete compressor from the ground up," said Califano. 

The ATV, Lawnmower is just the beginning, Michael is also designing a motorcycle that runs on hydrogen fuel that will debut in Daytona, guaranteed to spark interest.

"It takes a while to explain it, but it's picking up it's getting pretty big," said Califano.

The Califano's hope the technology will continue to grow and with it, interest in south Georgia to expand this technology. 

The Califanos are also working with a company in Scotland to develop hydrogen fuel to run their business.  They plan to put solar panels on their building's roof that would create hydrogen fuel to light their shop.



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