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Gas prices could be headed for $3.00

July 6, 2006

Leesburg-  Drivers could face another jolt the next time they pull into the gas station.  Crude oil prices surged past 75 dollars a barrel Wednesday, that's a record.  Analysts say that could send retail prices over three dollars a gallon by the weekend.

In south Georgia, since Monday, the price has actually fallen nearly five cents.  One local manager is hopeful south Georgia's price will remain steady. 

"You never know from one day to the next what it's going to do. It may drop, it may go up, but I've had no indication that it's going to go to three dollars a gallon," said Morris Leverett, Leesburg Petro manager. 

As of Thursday, the average price in Albany is $2.78.  The state average is just a penny more.  Two Democratic candidates for governor may use higher gas prices to fuel their campaigns.  The gas tax in Georgia recently increased 2.4 cents a gallon to 17 cents.

Democrats say that with gasoline prices nearing three dollars a gallon, Governor Sonny Perdue should step in. His potential opponents in November, Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor and Secretary of State Cathy Cox, say Perdue should suspend the increase in the gas tax in order to help cash strapped Georgians.

Perdue halted collection of the tax for a brief period last fall.



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