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No golf at the park!

July 5, 2006

Albany --  You can no longer hit golf balls in City of Albany parks.

For decades, golfers have practiced at city parks even though there's an ordinance permitting golf or any team sports.  After a few complaints that flying golf balls were dangerous to other park-goers, city commissioners reviewed the rules and voted today to uphold the prohibition of golf.  

Carol Tharin has enjoyed golfing at Hillman Park for years and had never heard of anyone getting hurt by a golf ball.  

She says it's not fair to allow other sports like baseball at the park, which could also lead to injures.

"A five year old hitting a tee ball could hurt someone just like a golf ball could," said resident Carol Tharin.  "We don't need to discriminate against golfers. We need to come up with a solution that would allow everyone to use the park for recreational purposes whatever their preference is as far as a sport."  

Now city commissioners plan to discuss rather team sports, such as football and baseball, should be allowed at city parks.



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