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Why is July 4th celebrated?

July 4, 2006

Obviously, there's a celebration going on for the 4th, but how many people really know what they're celebrating, and why?    

We took some questions to our viewers to see what they knew.

Q:  Do you know what July 4th is?

A:  12 year old Beth Carter says, "Not really."

A:  Robert Guinn says, "Celebration of the United States birth."

Q:  Who are we independent from?

A:  Ryan Dereus says, "France? No? Britain, maybe."

Q:  Do you know what Independence Day is?

A:  11 year old Andrew Carter says, "The day we got our independence from Britain." what day was that? "July 4th."

Q:  What year did we get our independence?

A:  "1776," says 9-year old Ryan Carter.

Q:  We got it in 1776, so how old does that make us?

A:  Robert Quinn says, "Oh geez. Real old. Over 200, okay?"

Q:  How many states are in the United States?

A:  Quinn says, "51? 50, but count Puerto Rico, is what??"

Q:  Who's our President? "What's his name?"

A:  Dereus says, "Bush. George Bush." Who's the Vice President? "Dick Cheney." Who's George Bush's wife? "Tipper? No, that's Gore, that's Gore."

Jennifer Wesley got almost every question right. 

Q:  What are we celebrating?  "Independence Day." Independence from? "Britain." And we received that? "1776." And that makes us how old? "230."

Thanks to all the folks who let us put them on the spot today, they were good sports. The point wasn't to embarrass anyone, just to demonstrate that we don't always know what it is we're celebrating and bring attention to that.

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