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Firework displays almost ready

July 4, 2006

Albany - The Countdown is on. All day, crews have been preparing fireworks displays across South Georgia. Here in Albany, the Broad Avenue bridge was shut down early this morning so fireworks could be set up for tonight's big show.

The fireworks don't start until after dark, but the fun has already begun. No matter that it is hot as a firecracker out here, folks are eager to get a good vantage point for tonight's show.

$14,000 worth of fireworks, with that many explosives you can bet "It's going to be an awesome show," says Dale Henry, fireworks coordinator.  He says, "it's going to last about 45 minutes.  There's about 400 shells individually up here, along with the 270 shot grand finale here and behind the Civic Center."

Two different shows going on at the same time. One, from the Broad Avenue Bridge, the other from behind the Civic Center. Both shows with a purpose.  Henry says, "This year it's got a lot more special meaning to it."

Special meaning because of all the troops who have and continue to serve so that we can keep our Independence including those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The 26 fallen members of the 48th will be honored by 26 flags lining the bridge. All members of the 48th will be thanked for their service before the fireworks get underway.

Henry says, "We've got a big opening ceremony, going to be a lot of people here. As soon as they get through and give us the go ahead to do it, we'll get started. People are in for a treat."

Opening ceremonies get underway around 9PM, with fireworks starting about half an hour later.



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