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New service puts cheaper gas prices at your fingertips

July 4, 2006

Albany-  The national average for a gallon of gas is $2.93 cents.  That's up more than 70 cents from last year.  It's sent many driver on a mad search for the cheapest gallon they can find.  Now there's a new tool to help and it could already be in their pocket or purse. 

In Georgia, the average price for a gallon of gas is cheaper than the national average at $2.86.  A new feature from Verizon Wireless could help drivers find a gallon of gas even cheaper than that.  It's called the fuel finder, allowing you to find the cheapest price while you're on the road.      

Gas prices just shy of three dollars have forced many drivers to comb the highways for the best deal.   

"We always look for cheaper prices for everything so gas wouldn't be different," said Rodney Parker.   

"Having a truck like this, it's a hog on gas. I don't get too much to a gallon so I just take what I can get when I get it," said Bill Williger.   

That driver, won't have to take it any more.  Verizon Wireless has a new Fuel Finder service.  Once you subscribe, it shows you the best deal while you're in the drivers seat.   

"The Fuel Finder service, will actually, you can key in an address or the zip code of where you're located and it will pull up the gas stations in your area and give you the pricing in your area and actually draw you a map," said Rogers, Verizon Wireless Manager.   

It's pretty simple, under the mobile web, select, traffic and fuel finder.   

"You can just scroll down and then it will actually tell you the names of the gas stations, there's Woodall's and it gives you the price of their gas," said Rogers.   

We decided to put the service to the test at Woodall's on North Westover Boulevard.  We found Woodall's on the Fuel Finder service and sure enough, $2.78.    Petro South on Westover was also the same price on the fuel finder at $2.85. 

The service overall listed prices for at least 29 different stations and that was just in Albany.

"It's got over 110 thousand gas stations in our database nationwide," said Rogers. 

This feature cost $1.99 a month and is only offered to Verizon customers. You need to determine if it's worth it for you, but we found a station today that was seven cents cheaper a gallon, if you put 15 gallons in your tank, twice a month the service would pay for itself. 

Verizon Wireless updates the gas prices on Fuel Finder daily.  




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