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Be careful when grilling

July 3, 2006

Albany--Whether you're cooking up a good burger or grilling steaks for the fourth, it's important to stay safe.

Each year, about 6,500 grill fires result in more than $29 million in property damage. Most of the fires occur during the summer months.

Firefighters suggest you keep an extinguisher nearby when you grill and avoid wearing loose clothing.

The most common mistake people make is discarding hot coals improperly.

"Don't go dump them in the trash can, don't dump them out in the yard because we get trash fires and grass fires because people getting in too big of hurry to dump their coals out," says Deputy Fire Chief David Eddins, with the Albany Fire Department.

Also, make sure you keep flammable items such as alcoholic beverages away from a grill. Statistics show that at least seventy-five percent of U.S. households own a grill.



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