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Want matches with that?

July 3, 2006

Valdosta --  If you're looking for fireworks to liven up your Fourth of July celebration, you can buy them at an unusual place.  

United Pentecostal Church is helping to light up the holiday for many people.   They're selling fireworks to raise money to help young people.    

With Lowndes County bordering Florida, all it takes to get fireworks for the fourth is a quick drive across the state line. Items illegal in Georegia include bottle rockets that shoot high into the air and run the risk of catching fire.

The United Pentecostal Church is selling fireworks promoting a safer way to celebrate the fourth in Valdosta. "These are safe and sane fireworks. They can be set off on the ground, usually get a little hot but don't burn and they usually don't elevate more than 9 feet." said church volunteer Marcia Anderson.

The church's fundraiser opened June 23rd and has served more than one thousand customers a day. All fireworks sold are approved by the state of Georgia. "These firecrackers that we sell here at TNT cool so quickly they will not cause a fire, and they are safe around small children so that's the reason Georgia lets us sell these," said Church volunteer Patricia Hester.

The church is hoping to raise $50,000 from fireworks sales. Twenty percent of those sales will go towards renovating the church's gymnasium to create more programs for the city's youth. The other 80% will go back to the firework manufacturers.  

Church volunteers remind their customers that fireworks should only be used under adult supervision.

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