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Firefighters warn of sparkler danger

July 3, 2006

Albany--Many of you may celebrate the Fourth Of July with fireworks and sparklers, but firefighters warn you to be careful.

They say simple sparklers that are now legal in Georgia burn at more than 14-hundred degrees, and can cause fires. Take a look at how this sparkler set fabric on fire.

Firefighters warn parents that a child holding a sparkler can set his shirt on fire quickly. Albany Fire Department Deputy Chief David Eddins said "As you have seen it is very much of a safety hazard. They need to have parental supervision, and need to be careful in the dry conditions with the grass and leaves."

Firefighters say if you choose to shoot fireworks, think about the fire danger. Wet down your yard where you use them and keep a hose or buckets of water ready in case a fire is started.


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