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Monty starts his new career

July 3, 2006

Valdosta --  A dog who suffered serious burns is now all better, and on the job with the Valdosta Fire Department teaching kids the safest way to celebrate the fourth of July.  

"Monty" was set on fire by a group of teenagers. The fire department adopted and trained him.

Since half of firework related injuries occur to small children and teenagers, Monty visited the Valdosta Lowndes Local Summer Camp to remind kids of some simple safety tips.      

"It just gives the kids some information that they might not know like with the sparklers," said Sgt. Leslie Brogdon of the Valdosta Fire. "I didn't even know, I played with sparklers growing up but when I learned how hot they got, up to 1800º. That's hot. And how quickly they can burn your skin."  

Valdosta fire officials and Monty are asking parents to leave the firework shows to the trained professionals. This will not only cut back on holiday injuries abut also ensure a safe and fun forth of July.


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