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Running Solo

July 2, 2006

Atlanta -- No one could ever accuse Ronnie Brown of being a selfish football player.

The former Georgia AA player of the year has had to share the ball the last five years, first at Auburn with Cadillac Williams, and last season in Miami with Ricky Williams.

This year, Brown will be counted on to carry the load for the Dolphins, and he says he's been waiting for the opportunity.

Ronnie Brown learned the lesson of sharing early in his football career.

In college, Brown teaming up with Carnell Williams to give Auburn one of the most feared backfields in the country.

Both were picked in the top five in the 2005 draft.

Last season with the Dolphins Brown had to split carries with Ricky Williams, but still rushed for 907 yards, second-best among rookies.

This year Ricky Williams will be playing in Canada for the Toronto Argonauts, meaning Brown finally gets a chance to be "The Man," and he says he's excited for the opportunity.

"I'm looking forward to it," says Brown. "I'm excited. This is my first time in a long time, so I hope things work out. I have the opportunity for a lot more playing time, so I'm excited about it."

Miami making a big change at quarterback this year, bringing in Daunte Culpepper and Joey Harrington.

Brown says he doesn't have a preference on who's handing him the ball.

"We got Daunte, we got Joey. I think we're leaning a bit more towards Daunte, but I'm not sure. At this time, it's either/or. They're both good choices."

After winning their last six games to finish last season 9 and 7 Brown says expectations are high in Miami.

"Hopefully we'll do pretty good," says Brown. "Our goal is pretty much to make the playoffs. We finished well last season winning our last six straight. We're looking to pick up where we finished last year."

The Dolphins open up the season Thursday, September 7th on the road at defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh.


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