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Tax on gas goes up

July 2, 2006

Albany -- More than 40-million people are traveling this Independence Day weekend, a new record according to  AAA. Thirty-four million of those on the move, will travel by car.

Those driving in Georgia will pay more for gas.

A new tax on gas is in effect. If you're buying in Georgia, you'll be paying 2.4 cents more per gallon, than you did just last week.

"It just seems like a big number when you put $100 in a tank," said Jimmy Long.

For JD Johnson and his family, a truck and a camper is their home for the next week. He won't let the high price of gas break his family traditions.

"Every summer I try to get away and get off and take the family out and just be with us," said JD Johnson.

Because of higher than before gas prices last year and another tax increase here in Georgia, he says their trips now are a limited distance.

"It keeps me from going out so far, about three years ago we went out to Colorado dragging this camper, and instead of being gone or driving out all over the country, we stayed mostly to the southeast part of the United States," said JD Johnson.

He's not the only driver who's had to change his lifestyle to adjust to the higher cost.

"You can't really do a lot of things like you used to because of the increase in the gas," said Theo Burden.

The state revenue department says this tax increase will last until January before it's changed. The only thing that could change it until then is if fuel prices go up or down at least 25-percent.

Many drivers hope that the price goes down rather than up to avoid another tax increase.

"It's always been too much, now it's just worse," said Jimmy Long.

For now it's just a 2.4 cent tax hike, until January when taxes are recalculated based on average price of gas.

The state of Georgia requires both an excise tax and prepaid tax rate factored into the price per gallon of gas. Motorists are also paying local sales taxes and federal taxes on gas.



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