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Taylor says he's defending himself in ads

July 1, 2006

Leesburg - - We've all seen the somewhat vicious television ads airing with Governor candidates Cathy Cox and Mark Taylor. Though the ads throw some pretty tough blows at each other, Taylor says they are necessary.

The Leuitenant Governor was in Lee County this afternon for a private fundraising event. We asked him if he thought the ads were getting too defensive. He says he needed to make clear his stance on issues he's supported - like the Hope Scholarship, no sales tax on groceries, and tougher penalities for criminals.  

"So when there are differences between myself and my opponent on those 3 specific issues, I think it's very important that we point them out and of course if a mis-statement is made, a statement about me is made that is not true then I need to point that out as well," he said.

Taylor  supports Blakely City Councilman Ben Cawthon in a lawsuit the councilman filed against Cathy Cox's press secretary. Taylor says Cawthon is suing Cox's employee for calling him a criminal after he voiced his disapproval of Cox speaking against the Georgia Lottery being used for education - in the early 90's.

Cox denies the claim and has filed a petition for Taylor to withdraw an ad that says she did.

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