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Watch out on the roads....police are!

July 1, 2006

Albany - - The countdown to Indpendence Day has beguna nd many of you are taking to the road to enjoy the holiday. But are you taking the necessary safety precautions to avoid a tragedy?

Throughout the state, law enforcement expect their will be over 1,000 injuries and about 23 deaths. There were 24 traffic related deaths last year. Simply put, you just need to watch how you drive.

Joe and Debbie Blanton are like many couples this weekend. They're taking a little getaway.

"We're fixing to head out on our first vacation in 17 years by our self," says Joe Blanton.

Leaving for a few days this 4th of July weekend and they're driving a few hours to get there.

"The last time I was on the interestate there I had about 3 crazy people try to drive me off the road."

There may be a lot more quote "crazy people". Law enforcement predict over 2,000 people driving in Georgia will crash on the road and if you're thinking about speeding...think again.

"Slow down. 80 mph, 55 mph, you're not going to get that much faster, you're just going to get yourself hurt, somebody else hurt," says Scott McClure with Georgia State Patrol.

He says officers are out in force, if you haven't already noticed. One of the biggest things they're looking for...driving under the influence. McClure suggests finding a designated driver who can live up to the responsibility.

"Make sure while you're out that they are not drinking. We've had situations where supposedly theyre the designated driver and theyre the one we end up taking to jail."

The Blantons are taking all the right precautions. They're leaving a day earlier than they have to, in order to avoid what they call the "crazy people".

"This is our first vacation with just the two. We've always enjoye dour trips but this one is kind of special...looking forward to it," says Debbie Blanton.

Trooper McClure says no one in his agency is off of work this weekend. So with extra law enforcement out, it means you're more likely to be pulled over if you're caught doing something you shouldn't be. 

If you're driving for the holiday, make sure you check your car fluids and tires because if you break down on the road, it may be harder to get help with so much traffic.


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