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South Georgia soldier laid to rest

July 1, 2006

Sylvester -- South Georgians honor a soldier who died in Iraq. The funeral for 30-year-old specialist Channing Singletary was held today in Sylvester. Singletary died last Friday in Baghdad.Honoring a fallen hero is what one group that travels the country by motorcycle does regularly. The Patriot Guard Riders have a mission to pay tribute to those who've lost their lives either serving their country or community.

Today they were at the funeral of Specialist Channing Singletary.

The riders come from across the country for one reason, to honor a hero they often times don't even know. Just like Specialist Channing Singletary had a mission to serve his country in Iraq, Chip Oehring has a mission to repay the service of a hero.

"It doesn't matter whether or not I happen to know him personally. I knew his heart, I knew his beliefs, I knew everything he stood for by the fact he put on a uniform and fought for everything that we believe in," said Chip Oehring.

The Patriot Guard Riders honored Specialist Singletary at his funeral in Sylvester. They arrived by bike and all in a row waved the red, white, and blue proudly.

Some come out for the love of their country. Some say they do it because they've served before.

"All of us veterans have a bond, a brotherhood I think these streets should be filled with people doing this myself," said Todd Walker.

The riders stood back silently and paid respects to the war hero. He got full military honors for his service to America.

"Specialist Singletary is my brother as an American. Someone who understands what this country is and what this flag stands for," said Chip Oehring.

For this group it's an honor to repay the service of a man who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their freedom.

There is no word from the family or the military on how this soldier died, but it was non-combat related. He leaves behind a 5-year-old son, his father, three brothers, a sister and two grandmothers. Burial of Specialist Channing Singletary was this afternoon in Nashville, Georgia.

Following the news of Channing Singletary's death, his mother Sharon Willis Singletary also died. Her funeral is set for Monday and will be arranged by Banks Funeral Home in Sylvester.



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