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New law is controversial to some

July 1, 2006

Albany -- One new Georgia law taking effect today involves citizens using deadly force to defend themselves in public places. The "Shoot First" law means Georgians can defend themselves with deadly force in places like public parks or sidewalks, if they think they are in imminent danger.

Critics say it may increase violence in areas and may endanger innocent people.

Some people in Albany say they should have the right to defend themselves and their families at all costs.

"Somebody in a public park, wherever. If someone trying to do bodily harm to you, putting your life in danger, you have a right to protect yourself," said Albany resident Tom Daniels.

Other new laws taking effect today includes a crackdown on sex offenders from living, working or loitering one-thousand feet from where children gather. Also the law that allows the Ten Commandments to be on display in state court houses and one that says a person who kills a pregnant woman could be found guilty of two murders.