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Protect animals from the heat

June 30, 2006

Albany -- We all know the hot weather in south Georgia is uncomfortable, but it's also dangerous. It's especially important that we look out for our pets during the summer, because dogs are more susceptible to heat stroke.  

When it comes to your pets, hot weather is nothing to play around with. "If you're out they're playing or swimming with your dog, for a period of time, they don't know when to quit."

Dr. Ira Roth has seen his fair share of pets who suffered heat stroke. "They're difficult to treat, and the recovery can be very traumatic for them."

And even fatal. But there are things you can do to keep your pets safe. "Keep an eye on your dog during the heat of the day, and don't stress them out, don't expect too much of them out of them during that time period."

Another piece of advice from the experts: You want to make sure your pets stay out of the sun but rather in the shade, and make sure they have plenty of water.

And most importantly, never leave your pet inside your vehicle. "It takes almost no time to build the internal temperature of your car up over a hundred, hundred twenty degrees. That is a devastating thing." As well as preventable.

Dr. Roth says following these tips and even using common sense, can mean the difference between life and death for your four-legged friend.

Vets also suggest that if you see your dog panting hard, looking sick or very inactive,seek medical attention quickly.