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Service couple deploy to Iraq

June 30, 2006

Albany  --  A South Georgia-born soldier is going to Iraq, and he's taking his wife along.

Captain Tripp Baldwin, originally from Worth County, and his wife Amanda are home on leave this week.  They're both set to deploy to Iraq later this summer.

Tripp Baldwin has been deployed to Iraq before, without his wife, but requested to be assigned to the same deployment cycle this time. 

While in Iraq, Baldwin helped reopen six clinics for Iraqis.   "It's improving it's just going to take time, but I think overall it will get there," said Master Sgt. Amanda Baldwin. "With us doing things like standing up their clinics and training their army, we're getting the Iraqis to take the lead."

"I'll be honest with you, I'm really proud of what soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines do over there, because I feel like that's what we get paid to do, and if we weren't doing it over there, it just opens up too many opportunities for the bad guys over here," said  Capt. Tripp Baldwin.

Tripp Baldwin also was deployed to Pakistan last year to help with relief efforts after a major earthquake hit the region. He was recently chosen as the Aeromedical Physician assistant of the year.

Both Tripp and Amanda Baldwin have served in the army for more than 15 years. They are assigned to serve 12 months in Iraq.



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