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Students shoot for the sky

June 30, 2006

Albany --  Science is one of those subjects people either love or they hate, but when you add in a little fun, with education, it can turn even the hardest hearts. This week, some Albany kids got the chance to learn just how fun science can be.  

"Three, two, one... Dud!" said Rocket Launcher  Andrew Bloing.

Okay, so not every science experiment goes as planned.  

But when it does... "It's cool," says 12-year old Tia Robinson. She participated in this week's summer program at Thronateeska.

The focus was on science. Good training for Tia since she wants to be a chemist. "I learned that chemists go over their mistakes and everything and they have to make sure to fix their mistakes so they won't make mistakes next time."

And there were a few mistakes today-- another dud-- but the kids learned how to fix them, and the results were amazing.   "They would learn like, Is it magic or is it science? And how behind magic there's science and how it's fun, so hopefully that will get them inspired during school time for them to really get into it during school time," says Camp Counselor Veronica Martinez.

Looks like the plan is working. Science may just become all of these kids favorite subject. "When it's finished being pumped, he's going to pull it, going to pull it, pull the string and the hook there is going to come out and it's going to go up." How high? "They say 60 feet." Maybe even higher.  

But if you want to challenge Tia. "All you need is like a bottle, a pump and you just stick it here in some water and it will fly."  

In addition to the water rockets, the students also had a chance to experience the NASA flight simulator at ASU, played science jeopardy, made solar hotdogs and even gas bombs. That apparently was the favorite.



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