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Remerton restores city's cornerstone

June 30, 2006

Remerton - In 1899, A-J Strickland built a cotton mill that became the cornerstone for what is now the City of Remerton.  More than a century later, architects are working to restore this landmark to its original glory.

Architect Glenn Gregory has a special interest in historic buildings.  It's part of the reason the Remerton Mill peaked his interest from the first time he saw it.  "We kept watching it over the years, saw parts of it come down. So we got concerned and approached the man who owned it and asked him to sell," Gregory said.

Gregory and a group of investors bought the mill and hope to make this landmark of Remerton's past a milestone for the future.  City Manager Brian McDougal says, "It began as a cotton mill, and the workers who worked here lived in the city. From a historic standpoint, we maintain our identity and on top of that this project will provide economic development for the city."

Gregory will tear down two extensions added in the 1960's to rebuild the original facade as well as an extension built in 1947.  Then he will transform the mill into condominiums and other commercial shops.  "We're on a high traffic area from a standpoint of people and visibility. So we feel like we should have more mixed use which means commercial ingredients, retail, and restaurants," Gregory added.

Developers will make sure to preserve as much as possible ... from the water tower to the original floors and doors.  Construction for the Remerton Mills is slated to begin in 2007, with the first phase of move in scheduled for 2008.


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