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Georgia truck drivers are recruits in terror war

June 27, 2006

Albany --  Truckers' watchful eyes could help keep you safe. Starting July first all truck drivers who apply for or renew their Commercial Drivers License must complete the Highway Watch Safety and Security program.  

It will teach Georgia's 81,000 truck drivers to watch out for suspicious activity along the Peach State's Highways.              

Truck drivers are filling up and getting ready to hit the road, and soon there will be one more item on their check list, keep an eye on suspicious activity. Trucker Johnny Brown said, "We see a whole lot of things out there on the road, it's real dangerous out there so we need to know exactly what's going on."

The Highway Watch program began in 1998, but as of July first it will be a requirement for truck drivers to get their Commercial Drivers License.

Trucker Derrick Jackson said, "I think it's very good for the drivers to be aware of the things that might be going on out here on the road because we see a lot of stuff everyday."

The training is funded by the U. S. Department of Homeland Security and will teach truck drivers what they need to look for as they complete their routes.

Driver T. J. Daniel said, "When you renew your license they're going to give you a list of things to look for so I think that will make us more aware of what to watch what's going on around anyway."

Many drivers say they're already vigilant. "I will dial 911. I have seen people in accidents, we stop to help, anything else that would look more suspicious I would call GSP, or the local county agencies or the local city agencies," said Jackson.

Now, they'll be keeping a sharp eye on what's happening on Georgia's highways, hopefully making them a safer place to ride.  "I hope it will because I'm on them," said Daniel.

Giving the communities they pass through another set of watchful eyes in the event of danger.   The program takes drivers about an hour to complete.

The classes can be taken at technical schools. Drivers can also apply for the program online through the Georgia Motor Trucking Association.



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