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East Albany rain storm preparations

June 27, 2006

Albany -- Heavy rain storms the last two nights have Albany public works crews doing extra storm prep in East Albany.

City officials say almost three inches of rain fell on this area of Mobile Avenue Monday night in an hour. Tuesday sewer engineers were working to let excess water left in these storm drains flow off.

Sewer Maintenance Engineer Jeff Hughes said "As a precaution, is to turn off some pumps up stream to hold some water where we have more storage area, to let some of this clear out in case we get more rain tomorrow or the next day. "

 Hughes said the excess water in this area will be pumped into a 20-acre holding pond upstream, emptying out the system in case of more heavy rainstorms.

In West Albany, water was standing over Eugemar Drive near Second Avenue today where they got heavy showers last night.

Some areas of Southwest Georgia got large amounts of rain in a very short time, while others a short distance away got no rain.

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