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Moultrie residents are keeping crime down

June 24, 2006

Moultrie -- One person died during a triple shooting at Shy Manor Terrace Apartments in Moultrie, prompting citizens to take a stand. The incident happened just shy of two weeks ago, and now law enforcement and residents have joined forces to make sure it doesn't happen again. The neighborhood is working to keep crime out.

Moultrie Police are still investigating as to who the shooter or shooters were earlier this month at Shy Manor Terrace apartments. But one thing police do know is they don't want such a thing to happen again.

That's why the apartment complex has joined efforts with the Moultrie Community Oriented Policing program with a new neighborhood watch group.

The children of Shy Manor Terrace Apartments are young and carefree, and always ready to have fun.

Following the unsolved shooting incident at the complex, some residents have increased concerns for young people's safety. Take Beverly Poole for example. She's known to the children fondly as "Ms. Beverly."

"She can make you laugh, she can tell jokes, she can do a lot of stuff," said Quan Henry.

Aside from being a role model, she cares a lot for the children.

"I'm concerned because if they out here playing and they get to spinning on the grass or they get to shooting, a bullet without no name on it will just hit whoever it want to hit," said Beverly Poole.

Children are always playing outside of Shy Manor Terrace apartments and that's why residents say it's important to have a neighborhood watch group.

The program is brand new to Shy Manor. Police and residents are working together to keep crime like the recent shooting out of their complex.

"After the incident couple weeks ago with the shooting and all that occurred here at this complex, to show them that we care about them over here. That's the biggest that we care and that we're concerned about their well being a safety," said Sgt. Roger Miller of Moultrie Police Department.

The help from police to start the watchdog program is welcomed by residents.

"I'm glad that they were saying that they were trying to get a neighborhood watch here in Shy Manor because we live here and we are the people that that need to want to protect Shy Manor," said Poole.

For residents here the number one goal is to keep the children and each other safe.

There are several other Moultrie neighborhoods with a successful watch program. Following the shootings at the apartment complex it's definately a way residents say they can feel safer at home.

Moultrie PD says Community Oriented Policing is an effective way to keep in touch with citizens they are serving and make them feel comfortable with reporting problems.



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