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Intelligence committee chair said terrorist threats continue

June 23, 2006

Albany --The Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee says United States troops cannot "cut and crawl" away from the war on terrorism in Iraq.

In Albany Friday Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas said U.S. troops are winning the fight to build a new nation in Iraq. Roberts said it's vital to America and it's allies to "not cut and run or cut and crawl away from Iraq," before that new nation can stand on it's own.

Roberts said he has not forgotten the vicious adversary they are fighting. Roberts said " They think of us as dust, we have no human value. I can tell you as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, every week we know about another threat. And the fact that we have not had a successful terrorist attack in the last five and a half years is not by accident. "

 Roberts said America's foes like North Korea and Iran, are also watching to see if U.S. troops finish the job in Iraq.


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