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Finance director steps down

June 22, 2006

Albany -- The Lee County finance director resigned today following that 1.6 million dollar mistake he made in this year's budget. Darlow Maxwell says he was told to resign or he would be fired.

When writing the budget, Maxwell added grants and state loans twice to the revenue column. As a result, commissioners thought they had an extra one and a half million dollars to run the county.

Maxwell admits he made a mistake, but says it was caught before the budget was adopted.

"Three different amounts one for 1.6 million and two others added up to 1.6 million and you know I took it to be the gospel because it came from the grant administrator," said former Finance Director Darlow Maxwell.

Even though the budget had not been finalized, commissioners had already made some hiring decisions based on the erroneous numbers. In order to balance the budget, county commissioners eliminated planned raises for county workers and decided not to hire any new employees or buy new cars and equipment.



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