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Weather damages Albany business

June 22, 2006

Albany -- Stormy weather caused damage around South Georgia today. A tree, struck by lightning this afternoon, crushed a car repair shop on Clarke Avenue in East Albany.

No one was at Tinson Handyman Shop when it happened. The tree split down the middle and fell onto the building. Robert Tinson says he is glad that no one was inside the building.

"This was going to turn into my full-time job, but now I'm going to have to start all over again. But the Lord will be with me, everything will work out alright," said Tinson Handyman Shop owner Robert Tinson.

"We had a series of lightning strikes in 13 and 12-hundred block of Mulberry and 13-hundred block of Clarke Avenue. This tree here behind me was hit in the middle, lightning split it in half, taking out the power line that supplied service to this residence here," said Fire Captain Matthew Jefferson.

Just a block over on Mulberry Avenue, another lightning strike. The tree that was struck fell and damaging the primary power lines. Water Gas and Light crews were on the scene to get power turned back on to the area.

In Newton, the weather caused a tree to fall down onto Highway 91. The Sheriff's office sent the Georgia Department of Transportation to clean up the mess.



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