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Cox, Taylor race continues to heat up

June 22, 2006

Albany-- You can't miss them on television, those viscious political ads. Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox have declared war on each other in the race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination and voters are being deluged with images.  So what do voters think about this campaign?      

The colorful signs are all over South Georgia, Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox for Governor and those who don't see the signs can see campaign time has arrived by simply turning on the television.  

We sat down with voter Kyle Boyd to get his reaction to the most recent campaign ads from the Taylor and Cox camps.  When he pressed play, he didn't feel very positive about what he saw.

"I think they're very negative. They're both just bashing each other to death," says Boyd. And for Boyd, the ads leave him with many unanswered questions. "I want to hear what they're going to do for me," says Boyd.

"I think both of them are working enthusiastically and I think both are bringing information to the table," says Dougherty County Democratic Party Chairwoman Dr. Constance Burkes.

Burkes says that's what campaigns are all about, using television ads to stand out in 30 seconds.  She says more detailed platforms and viewpoints should come out in literature and debates and what some view as mudslinging shouldn't hurt the polls.

"It's the big one and I'm expecting a very heavy turnout with this election," says Burkes. Whether it's Cox or Taylor, it will also be interesting for Republican leaders to see who will come out on top in the primary. Battered by all this negative publicity, one of them will still have to face Sonny Perdue, the first Republican governor since reconstruction.

"Because of that, the Democratic party feels like they have got to quote take back their quote rightful position in government and they're doing this through their campaign and through these two people," says former Dougherty County Liz Klemann.

Klemann admits the two candidates aren't showing what they stand for. "They're not educating the public as to why they would be best," says Klemman. But Boyd says no matter what, he casts his vote every election.

"Everytime I see fit to speak my voice," says Boyd. And he'll be watching and waiting on July 18th to see whose voice is louder and just who will face Sonny Perdue come November.

Some political experts believe this ongoing feud between Cox and Taylor could bring more voters to the polls next month.   Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox will meet in their first debate right here in Albany. It's July 12th, at 7pm at the Municipal Auditorium. It's open to the public and will be televised statewide on 15 stations.



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