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Cool jobs, melt away summer's heat

June 22, 2006

Thomasville-  With temperatures climbing above 100 degrees leaving your air conditioning and going to work can be a chore. While landscapers, roofers, and mail carriers are heating up, we found some workers who are keeping it cool.

Kimberly Bryant tries to keep cool, working outside weighting celery at DUDA's vegetable processing facility.

"In the mornings it's cool, but by the afternoon, oh it's hot, very hot," said Kimberly Bryant.

Bryant envies her coworkers who spend these hot days inside the company's coolers.

"Yes, we do, it's very cool over there, it's nice, we even go in there whenever we can," said Bryant.

On days like this, Emanuel Kirksey is DUDA's luckiest worker, he spends up to 45 minutes at a time inside the zero degree cooler.

"Just leaving here to get home, it's pretty hot so I don't want to be outside any less than I have to now," said Emanuel Kirksey, DUDA.

Outside in Thomasville temperatures climbed to above 97 degrees and you hardly need a sweater, in the Blue Bell Cold Storage you need a parka that's because it's -16 degrees, one of the coldest jobs around.

"Oh, it feels good when you come in here after you've been outside for a bit," said John Seweryniak, Blue Bell Ice Cream Shipping Manager.

Four times a week, John unloads shipments from the Alabama creamery, putting these cold treats on ice until they're shipped to Blue Bell's Panama City Transfer Station. He one of the few in snow gear in June.

"One layer of the vault suit and then my work clothes underneath," said Seweryniak.

Skyrocketing temperatures have kept Blue Bell busy. Sweat turns to ice in the cold storage.

"We've been very busy the last few weeks here," said Seweryniak.

But with the mercury rising, John and Emanuel wouldn't spend their summer any other way.

"Is this kind of the best job to have in the summer, For sure, I would recommend it to anyone who can get into a freezer environment," said Kirksey.

High temperatures have heated up sales at Blue Bell Ice Cream. Last week, sales were up a record 16 percent.



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