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Thomasville's Fire Department has a new feminine touch

June 20, 2006   

Thomasville -- Several weeks ago Thomasville hired its first female firefighter, 19-year- old Meghan Moore. Now she's working toward her state certification and keeping the Rose City's citizens safe.

Meghan Moore grew up down the street from a volunteer fire company. Volunteering inspired Moore to make it a career.

As she suits up for her first fire, she's aware of her dangerous career choice.  "It could easily get out of hand in a matter of seconds, you just, hope to God the people behind you watching out for you, watching your back, we've got a lot of safety's going on."

A deep breath and last minute instructions from the trainer, and it's trial by fire.  "The thermal layers, and how the smoke will roll over and the fire will roll over the back of you, and honestly, it could get you in trouble if you ain't careful," she says.

But for Thomasville's first female firefighter, the most important lesson is simple, gender doesn't matter and, "It's a team effort."

She expects to pull her weight with the rest of the team, keeping Thomasville safe.  "When their house is burning, you're the ones they turn to so to be that strong person for them, it's just helping people and the adrenaline, it's just great."  

With her family standing by, taking in her first effort and supporting her, Moore knows she's chosen the right career.   "I go home at night and I tell my mom 'You know I love my job, I absolutely love my job.'"  

While Meghan Moore is considered a full time firefighter, she must still take her state board's. She's studying for the tests scheduled for the middle of July.



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