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Men break stereotype and examine their health

June 17, 2006

Albany - - When it comes to going to the doctor, it's something most men just don't like to do. But an event at Phoebe Hospital today helped change the way a lot of men think.

They came early this morning, waiting for their spot.

Michael Holsey knows how serious good health really is. Like with many people, health problems can become all too familiar.

"Cancer runs heavy in my family and cholsesteral, high blood pressure also runs in my family, diabetes also and those are things I really need to keep a check on."

He's one of about 500 men who felt the same way Saturday. A free men's health conference gave men of all ages, races, and backgrounds the chance to get screenings for diabetes, prostate, blood pressure and other potential health problems.

Participants received t-shirts and carry cases just for coming. The turn-out is rewarding for organizers.

"I'm so pleased at the response because men don't normally come out and take this interest in their health and today, theyre proving us wrong," says Dr. Darrell Sabbs.

They also had an incentive to show up. Sports Analyst and Former NFL Football Player Spencer Tillman stopped by to speak to the men and applaud them for taking positive steps toward their health. Those in attendence say it was a very beneficial experience.

"The fact that you can get educated and meet some doctors who can give you good insight on what's going on in your lives," says Otis Thomas.

And for Holsey it's a Father's Day gift to himself.

"I'm a young father. 2 boys. I figure I need to be around for them so I figured I'd go and get checked on."

There were also activities available for women and children. Ladies participated in seminars called "What Women Need to Know about Football" and "Understanding your Man", while the kids enjoyed a field day with games, food, and prizes.


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