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Tifton buildings vandalized with spray paint

June 16, 2006

Tiftion -- People in Tifton say they are shocked by the amount of gang graffiti being painted on homes and businesses across their city. Thursday night, vandals spray painted at least nine buildings and cars in the 4th and 6th Street neighborhood.

Most of this graffiti said SUR 13, pointing toward the Sureno's Latino gang, one of the largest and most organized gangs in Tifton.

The Board of Education and the Post Office were both spray painted.

Gang investigators know of at least 14 gangs in Tifton. United Way Executive Director Carol Johnson attended a recent forum about the problem but was still shocked her office's sign was ruined. Johnson said "We lived here 24 years and are just totally amazed that we feel like is a safe community and have worked so hard to keep it that way, that this would happen in our little community. "

Tifton Police Investigators say the vandalism is a growing problem, and the vandals are getting bolder. Investigators think most of the vandals are under the age of 17.

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