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Teenagers take on the business world

June 16, 2006
by Allison Phillips    

Albany -- How would you like to work for a company with a fifteen-year-old boss?

Just in high school, Alexandria Jackson is already an entrepreneur. "My sister she works at an antique store, and you can rent spaces out, and different shelves," she said. "What I do is buy things off the Internet and put them on her shelf, and  sell them for the price I want."

To sharpen her business skills Alexandria and 29 other teenagers are attending Albany State's Black Youth and Entrepreneurship Workshop this week. "What we do is expose them to the concept of entrepreneurship, take them through a series of workshops and hope that that would motivate them to start thinking about starting their own business," said Cynthia Bennett, Director of BYE.

The Students have been through intense training sessions all week. They are learning important lessons in the banking market, like how to save money and increase their credit scores. Credit Scores that may take many of these students far into the business world of Albany.

Businesses like these may soon be having some competition. The young entrepreneurs to be have created and proposed ideas to fill in the gaps in the business community of Albany. Students were divided into groups yesterday to present their business ideas. The YFC or the Youth Fitness Center was the winner of the competition.

BYE Student Joshua Edy says he's glad he's getting some hands on experience. "I learned that it takes dedication, determination to start your own business, it ain't easy. You got to really want to do it and a lot of hard work."

We may not be able to expect to see the Youth Fitness Center this year, but- "We are planting seeds today, because it will be a few years before those seeds come up," said Business Professor Dr. Maurice Elliard. "Because most of these kids are like 9th grade."

Seeds that may help Alexandria with her mini business because now she's ready. "A lot more prepared," she said.

Students learned more than just a business lesson this week,they learned that everything in life is all about preparation and hard work.  

The students who created the Youth Fitness Center were awarded cash prizes last night at the BYE Banquet.

They say The Center would be located in downtown Albany and was created to help lower the growing obesity levels among young people.

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