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Girl rewarded by purse-snatching victim

JUNE 15, 2006

Albany -- A 15-year-old girl got a $1,000 reward today for helping run down a serial purse snatcher at the Lee County Wal-Mart.

Lamar and Dorene Parker offered the reward after Mrs. Parker's purse was stolen at a Harvey's grocery store in Albany late last month. About a week later, 26-year old Melissa White of Worth County was caught in the act at the Wal-Mart by that teenaged girl.

White was charged with a string of purse snatchings. Her cousin Tony Bass is accused of helping her.

The Parkers say paying the reward is worth it to deter crime in our communities.

White admitted she snatched the purses to support her three children. Investigators believe she snatched purses in Lee, Tift, Thomas, and Dougherty counties.


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