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Hospital beefs up newborn security

June 15, 2006

Tifton -- A south Georgia hospital is taking extra steps to make sure newborn babies and their mothers make it home together. 

Tift Regional Hospital started its Safe Arms programs this month. Each newborn baby and the mother receive an electronic bracelet that is matched in the hospital's security system.

Anytime a baby gets outside of its allowed area, the bracelet will make a buzz sound to inform hospital staff something is wrong. 

  [CG=5000-Stacey Beckham/Tift Regional Hospital;] [OUTQ=certain areas] (("Before in most places you had doors locked and you had to be id badged in and out, it was that sort of safety mechanism. Now with these little bands, there are perimeters set up so that the children can not be taken out of certain areas," says Hospital Spokesperson  

We contacted other hospitals in the area, but none really have features quite like this one. Phoebe upgraded it's security equipment last year with cameras and monitors to watch anyone coming near the newborn babies.

Archbold Hospital in Thomasville uses barcoded armbands for parents. Their armbands have to be scanned in order to have access to newborns.

South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta secures the infant area by locking all hallways and requiring nurses to approve anyone entering the newborn areas.


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